Salesforce Push Upgrade – How To

Creating a Patch for a Managed Package and Doing a Push Upgrade

Posted by Nineta Martinov

Recently I had to create a Patch for one of my clients’ managed package in order to make a minor change and push it out to all the client organizations using the package. For the most part the Salesforce documentation is fairly accurate in guiding one through the process. However, I could not find any help with screenshots documenting the end-to-end process so I put this together.

Remember that a Patch should only be created if no new components are being added to the managed package. For example, if you want to change the wording in a Visualforce page you would want to use a Patch.

Step1. Log into the main development org. This is where you developed the managed package. Go to Create -> Packages and click on the Managed package name.

Step2. Click on the Patch Organizations tab


Step3. Create a New Patch organization that allows you to modify an existing Released version.


Step4. Once the Patch organization has been created you will get an email confirmation and you can log into the new Patch org to make your changes. Remember you can only modify existing components of the managed package.

NOTE: This tripped me up! Once the Patch org had been created several Quick Action were added to the opportunity layout. These were considered New Components and their existence prevented me from Uploading the Patch. If you get an error message that new components exist you’ll need to go through the list, figure out what those are and remediate the problem. In my case, I had to take the Quick Actions off the Opportunity Layout.

Step5. While logged in the Patch organization navigate to Create -> Packages and click on the package name. Click Upload and select whether you want to build a Beta or Release version of the Patch. Let’s assume you build a Release version of the Patch that’s ready to be pushed to client orgs.

Step6. Log into the main development organization and click on the Versions tab.


Step7. Click Push Upgrades. The next screen contains only historical information about previous Push Upgrades.


Step8. Click on Schedule Push Upgrade to proceed. On the next screen select the Patch version and time to schedule the Push Upgrade.


Step9. Once you select a Patch version you will see a list of the possible Target organizations. You can select and filter the list to just the ones you wish to push to. You will only be shown the organizations that are eligible for a push upgrade based on the package version they are on.


Step10. Click Schedule. You will be shown the progress of the push update for each organization.




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