Share your Salesforce Data with Your Constituents

At DaizyLogik we always strive to serve our clients through a thoughtful approach in which we take the coolest solutions we develop and make then widely available to as many organizations as possible. Nonprofits work hard to make the world a better place, and they deserve to have access to these solutions in a streamlined and cost effective way. So when our consultants see patterns emerge from client requests, our team of developers transform these ideas into useful products and services. We share a few examples here.

The Salesforce Data Story

Over the years, we’ve found that many organizations want to publicly share some of the important data they collect in Salesforce on their website. The most common ways to do this come with their own set of challenges:

  • Exporting a snapshot of the data from Salesforce, and hard-coding it in the website. This requires manual process and results in static website content.
  • Exposing Visualforce pages through sites requires custom Salesforce development which can be expensive and difficult for web developers to style in a public website.
  • Using Salesforce Communities which comes with a steep price tag.

We knew there had to be a more streamlined way to make this work. Our team wanted solutions that would not require us to reinvent the wheel every time a client asks, that does not clutter Salesforce with custom code, and that can scale to benefit multiple clients. So we built them!

I Want My Volunteer Calendar to Look Just So!

For instance, our team has been repeatedly asked to show the Volunteers for Salesforce data in a calendar and job listing format in a way that not only matches a client’s website look and feel, but that is also mobile friendly. Using the Visualforce pages available with the Volunteers for Salesforce package has been found to present some styling and responsiveness challenges.

Our developers envisioned that if people could have access to the Volunteers for Salesforce data, this would open new opportunities for organizations to build their own web pages any way they wanted. By exposing the Volunteers for Salesforce data needed to build these pages in an industry standard format (JSON), our solution makes it possible for web developers to build good looking volunteer calendars and sign up forms that match the website exactly.


Read the about the technical details on our Volunteers for Salesforce Data Services page.

Show The World My Salesforce Report

Another frequent request comes from organizations wanting to share the data from a Salesforce report on their website in a dynamic way. For example, an organization that makes grants wanted to show a list of new grantees on their website every year. This effort was a once-a-year manual export of report data from Salesforce followed by an import into a WordPress plug in.

There had to be a better way. Our developers asked how great it would be if, as a client, we could simply build our report in Salesforce and see that data publicly accessible to the world, styled to match our organization’s website. So we built the capability for people to do just that by giving them the ability to access any tabular report data from Salesforce in an industry standard format (JSON). This data can be easily used by any web developer and wrapped in PHP or Python with some good CSS to make it look smashing!

phpRead more about the technical details on our Reports Data Service

Want to learn more? Contact DaizyLogik to learn more about how we can support you with specialized consulting and custom development and help you get the most out of Salesforce.


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