A Case Study for using FormAssembly to Manage Ticket Sales

Washington Global Health Alliance is a nonprofit membership organization that connects and informs global health foundations and corporations. They create opportunities for their members to build connections, and share information and expertise. Their goal is to create a culture of collaboration through programs and initiatives, such as conferences, working groups, briefings for elected officials and business leaders, impact studies, and public forums. These initiatives address the needs of their members and the global health sector as a whole, and help enable their members to deepen their impact throughout the world.

We invite you to read more about Washington Global Health Alliance on their website.

The Problem

Washington Global Health Alliance (WGHA) has been using Salesforce and the Nonprofit Success Pack for a few years to track and manage their members and donors. The data collected in Salesforce allows WGHA to measure and report on their members’ interactions and collaboration, and ultimately on the impact of their work in the global health community.

WGHA organizes a number of member and public events throughout the year. They had used Eventbrite to manage ticket sales, and had tested Brown Paper Tickets, but were disappointed with the new price points of both platforms and policy changes, and wanted to find another solution. More importantly, they wanted a solution that would easily feed all event data into Salesforce and remove the need for double data entry. Once the information was in Salesforce, they wanted to track the participation and payments of event attendees, donors, and other stakeholders associated with the organization.

The Solution

Since the WGHA team was not looking for a full-blown event management system, the DaizyLogik team recommended FormAssembly.

Through a series of in-person and virtual coaching sessions, our team empowered WGHA’s Salesforce admin to learn this new tool and understand how to leverage it to support running future events. We worked with their team to design an event form in FormAssembly, and link it with Stripe and Salesforce. Once a template form is set up, the team can clone it, and customize it for future events.

Through the DaizyLogik – FormAssembly partnership, we were able to pass on a discount to WGHA, which make this solution even more affordable, especially when setting up free events.

Finally, the integration with Salesforce is automated, which minimizes the steps needed to ensure the data is accurate. The WGHA team now collects payments using Stripe, and no longer need to wait for their checks to clear with Eventbrite funds. Rather, all funds are deposited to their checking account within 24 hours. WGHA’s annual gala is coming up in October, and the team is excited to use this new solution.

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