A Use Case for FormAssembly to Salesforce Integration – Improved Efficiencies

Arts Corps is a nationally recognized youth arts education organization that works to address the race and income-based opportunity gap in access to arts education. Through participation in our arts integration, out-of-school arts and teen leadership programs, youth experience the transformative power of creativity and gain a deepened belief in their own capacity to learn, take risks, persist and achieve. Their programs reach over 2,500 K-12 students in South Seattle and South King County each year.

We encourage you to learn more about Arts Corps on their website.

The Problem

Arts Corps has been using Salesforce and the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) for a number of years. On their website, they hosted three web-to-lead forms, which would automatically drop new information directly into Salesforce as Leads. For many years, our team at DaizyLogik was able to maintain a legacy solution for the mass conversion of these leads

When this legacy lead conversion tool finally stopped functioning completely in November 2017, Arts Corps knew it had to make a choice about how to move forward.

The Solution

As of December 2017, a mass lead conversion tool that integrates with NPSP is still hard to find. In addition, Arts Corps has some additional custom conversion requirements that out of the box tools are unable to support. The team at Arts Corps also knew that it was not realistic to convert Leads collected from their three online forms in Salesforce one at a time. The DaizyLogik team helped Arts Corps redesign their website forms using FormAssembly, which can send information into Salesforce as Contacts and Accounts instead of Leads.

Here’s one example of their new form. 

The new web forms embed directly into the Arts Corps website, maintaining the look and feel of the organization’s brand. The data must no longer be converted from a Lead to Accounts and Contacts. Rather, FormAssembly matches against existing data in Contacts and Accounts, and if it doesn’t match anything, it will create  new records. Additionally, FormAssembly enables the Arts Corps team to easily tweak the online forms, adding or removing fields as needed.

As a FormAssembly partner, DaizyLogik was thrilled to be able to pass on a discount to Arts Corps, padding the landing a bit for an unexpected jump.

“We are not only thrilled with the new forms and how they integrate into our existing workflow, but also look forward to working with DaizyLogik in the future to use FormAssembly for redesign of additional work functions, including remote input of student attendance by our teaching artists.”

~ Leslie Collins, Deputy Director of Arts Corps

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