Case Study : Kôr Community Land Trust

kor-logo-140Kôr Community Land Trust provides environmentally sustainable and permanently affordable homeownership opportunities for those who contribute to the fabric of the Bend, Oregon area economy and community. Through grants and donations, Kôr CLT is able to acquire land and build homes for those who may not be able to afford the opportunity otherwise. Seventy-five percent of these homes will be offered to low-income and super low-income qualifiers. We invite you to read more about Kôr CLT on their website.

Icon: The ProblemThe Problem

Kôr Community Land Trust approached DaizyLogik with the need for an online homeownership application process that allows prospective applicants to be screened and be able to apply for homeownership in a simple, step-by-step way. Kôr CLT wanted to also capture all the applicants’ information directly into HomeKeeper, a Salesforce based application designed specifically for managing affordable homeownership programs. HomeKeeper simplifies program administration, centralizing notes and tasks, and provides the ability to quickly retrieve key data. 

Icon: The SolutionThe Solution

DaizyLogik used FormAssembly, an easy-to-use online form builder for businesses, to build both a pre-application and application form that can connect to Salesforce and save the applicant information directly into HomeKeeper. DaizyLogik used their expertise to craft a two-step application process that integrates seamlessly with the workflows in HomeKeeper. The pre-application form was built to screen applicants based on the information they provide and whether they meet the criteria to proceed to the next step. The full application asks a series of questions that guide the applicants and allows them to save progress and then return to complete all the steps.

The Kôr Community Land Trust homeownership application process included an integration with PayPal that allows applicants to pay the application fee as part of the submission. FormAssembly’s PayPal Connector allowed our team, at DaizyLogik, to connect the form with PayPal in order to collect one-time payments with ease. 

Icon: TeamThe Impact

We spoke with client, Amy Warren, co-founder and Executive Director of Kôr Community Land Trust for her take on how Salesforce, HomeKeeper, FormAssembly and the DaizyLogik methodology has assisted with her organization’s daily operations.

“Our mission is to provide home ownership opportunities to those that contribute to our community, specifically our economy”, said Warren. “We fulfill the needs for everyone from workforce developers, to retirees, veterans and/or those with disabilities – our need is vast.”

Prior to Salesforce, Kôr Community Land Trust didn’t really need to track sales because of the size of the organization. Very much in its infancy, their team was organizing records the old-fashioned way. While excel spreadsheets worked [for the time being] Salesforce now keeps files not only organized but has instilled processes that have become a part of their growing culture; specifically, the HomeKeeper application, that has been an imperative arm of their day-to-day processes. The program manager cuts down on a lot of labor that someone would have to do manually otherwise.

DaizyLogik : What was your initial need with Salesforce / what problem were you having that needed to be solved?

Warren : We settled on Salesforce primarily for the HomeKeeper application. Through DaizyLogik, we were able to navigate through Salesforce, and learn how to teach the rest of our team. 

DaizyLogik : What did DaizyLogik do for you?

Warren : Nineta did our online pre-application and application through FormAssembly and connected it with HomeKeeper, saving us a lot of labor entry, and led us through the process, specifically in the creation of an application file, streamlining the process for us. 

DaizyLogik : As a nonprofit what is your biggest need when it comes to managing sales and/or constituents?

Warren : Our biggest need is to manage our homeowner files, with all the information about each project, a vast amount of data to keep track of. I loved the capability of reporting; to be able to simply select what data we need to pull from specific communities, and it is all right there, sorted and available to be analyzed. It’s such a valuable tool that not only delivers information quickly, but also sorts it exactly how we need to utilize it efficiently. 

“DaizyLogik is clearly experienced, they gave us exactly what we asked for; a user-friendly experience, with consistent explanation – we highly recommend the team.”

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