Case Study : NetHope – Engaging Members, Building Relationships

Net Hope LogoDaizyLogik client, NetHope, a consortium of nearly 60 leading global nonprofits, empowers committed organizations to change the world through the power of technology. Its members deliver over 60 percent of all annual, international, non-governmental aid. NetHope unites with over 60 technology companies and funding partners to design, fund, implement, adapt, and scale innovative approaches to solve development, humanitarian, and conservation challenges. Together, the NetHope community strives to transform the world, building a platform of hope for those who receive aid and those who deliver it.

Icon: The ProblemThe Approach

DaizyLogik has been working with NetHope on improving its use and adoption of Salesforce CRM and the Nonprofit Success Pack beginning with a Business Process Review. During this review, we interviewed staff members to better understand how they used or did not use Salesforce. From this audit, we identified a series of improvements that would bring the most value to staff and increase their adoption of Salesforce. These improvements included moving to Lightning and improving the experience for the membership and fundraising teams through better layouts, reports and dashboards, and cleaner data and integration with the marketing automation tool SharpSpring. 

Since NetHope is primarily a membership organization, a lot of the interaction with their members is being tracked and managed with Salesforce.

NetHope reached out to DaizyLogik to help design a way to measure member engagement in Salesforce. NetHope already had planned out a way of scoring various member interactions such as participation in events and online interaction with the NetHope website for members, but there was previously not a way to automatically add up the scores and determine a member’s level of engagement with the organization.

Icon: The SolutionThe Solution

Since the data is already being collected in Salesforce, DaizyLogik assembled a solution by using a combination of:

  • Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries Tool, sometimes known as DLRS, is used to count the number of times members participated in various campaigns. DLRS expands upon Salesforce’s native rollup summary functionality to let admins create additional summaries based on lookup relationships. The tool is free, easy to install, and guides admins step-by-step through how to build their rollups.
  • SharpSpring integration with Salesforce, which brings in data on the online interaction of members with the organization. The marketing automation tool tracks members and non-members early in their engagement with the organization and allows for the building of powerful automation rules to send them dynamic content or targeted emails based on their interests. 
  • Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Engagement Levels, which allows members to be assigned to various levels of engagement based on the number of points they accrue through their interactions with the organization.  Each engagement level drives an engagement plan that furthers the interaction with members in a meaningful way. An Engagement Plan is a set of tasks (literally a “plan”) that helps the organization engage more deeply with their members. Never miss a follow-up!

After the initial roll-out and subsequent continued support with Salesforce CRM, we were able to sit down with Alexandra (Alex) Mitchell, Operations Director at NetHope for her thoughts and recap on this DaizyLogik partnership, which can be read here.

Icon: TeamThe Impact

DaizyLogik: What was your initial need around Salesforce / what problem were you having that needed to be solved? 

NetHope: We needed a solid CRM to help manage our members and partners and our interactions with them and Salesforce was a logical choice for us. We then brought in DaizyLogik to help assist us in customizing the application for our distinct needs. As a growing organization, we found we needed the power of Salesforce to help us effectively and efficiently manage our relationships.

DaizyLogik: How does Salesforce help support the mission of your organization?

NetHope: As a consortium of 57 of the world’s largest humanitarian and conservation organizations, NetHope has a worldwide network of organizations to interact with and coordinate. Since we also work collaboratively with more than 60 technology partners to further the power of technology for humanitarian and conservation work, Salesforce provides the centralized organizational management tool we need to help further our mission promoting the potential of technology in nonprofit work, and the critical missions of these organizations to accomplish them.

DaizyLogik: What has DaizyLogik done for you? 

NetHope: Despite its huge, global reach, NetHope has a small but nimble staff. Due to our streamlined staffing model, DaizyLogik was brought in to partner with NetHope to be the Salesforce administrator and architect that we don’t have on staff. We love the fact that DaizyLogik is able to oversee our entire Salesforce development and seamlessly make all the pieces work together. This is accomplished due to the fact that they understand our business model as a nonprofit and are able to support the functions we require in a way that makes sense for us.

DaizyLogik: Now that DaizyLogik assisted in making Salesforce work better for you, how has it streamlined your organization’s daily needs?

NetHope: It has made it much easier to track our relationships with members across our organization touchpoints, including the process of member application and acceptance, and manage that flow throughout the process once they become a part of NetHope. Likewise, it makes management for fundraising and development easier to manage and organize.

DaizyLogik: What are your ‘Salesforce best practices’ (or is there a specific integration that has made the software a valuable tool which cuts down on a lot of labor that someone would have to do manually otherwise?

NetHope: We’ve appreciated that DaizyLogik has worked in tandem with us to integrate our marketing automation tools and help us manage the communications out to our members and tech partners via Salesforce.

DaizyLogik: As a nonprofit what is your biggest need when it comes to managing members and donors?

NetHope: As with any organization, keeping up with the constant flow of data is the challenge. Salesforce enables anyone within NetHope to enter their interactions with our various constituencies, from personal notes to meeting summaries, which better informs everyone across our organization prior to future interactions. It essentially creates a knowledge base to better know our members and partners.

DaizyLogik: How has the member engagement piece that DaizyLogik helped you set up contribute to better interactions with your members?

NetHope: While just being able to see our interactions with members and partners is fantastic, we now have the ability to see how engaged they are with us. Across our various channels, we can now see within Salesforce what and how our members and partners are engaging with us—are they attending meetings, taking advantage of our programs and using their benefits—which better informs us of their interests, concerns, and needs. We can see and score their involvement and tailor more of our content and interactions to those interests. Likewise, when an organization is not engaging, we have the opportunity to be alerted, which enables us to better engage with them.

“DaizyLogik has in every sense been an involved partner. They listen to our needs and are able to make great suggestions,” said  Alexandra Mitchell, Operations Director at NetHope. “Always responsive, they continue to guide us—including pushing us a bit if a particular decision isn’t in our best interest, and providing a reason why – making Salesforce an even more effective tool for our organization.”

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