Supporting Local Governments with Custom Development

Our DaizyLogik team of developers and consultants have a long history of working with local government agencies to support them in upgrading their systems and evolving their technology to adjust to changing demands.

We were thrilled to support the City of Everett, Washington, as they sought to extend the Business and Occupation Tax system, a service oriented, extensible and modular system that our director of technology, Vladimir Martinov, originally led the design and development of for the City of Bellevue, Washington.

Built on the Microsoft .NET framework and powered by SQL Server, the system supports critical business processes for local city agencies and integrates with external systems via web services.

Over the years, this system has become a regional success and has been adopted by other city agencies. Seattle area cities have licensed this system from the City of Bellevue but have needed modifications to ensure the system fits their own business processes and city tax code.

For the City of Everett, DaizyLogik worked to extend the Business and Occupation Tax system by developing and adding new modules that address city specific tax rules and migrate data from legacy systems. By eliminating data silos and manual processes cities were able to consolidate business data into one system of record and automate processes.

Throughout these projects, we engaged closely with our local government clients to deeply understand their business processes and help them articulate their requirements. We then applied our DaizyLogik Agile methodology to ensure the timely completion of the project.

By leveraging our extensive software development background, we are able to extend our impact, bring efficiencies to local government agencies and help them become compliant with Washington state tax laws.

DaizyLogik’s custom development services are designed to provide project-based solutions to your complex projects, on your timeline and within your budget. Let’s schedule a time to talk about how we can assist you.

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