Updating and Automating Business Processes Through Salesforce NPSP

Washington Defender Association. WDA is voice of the public defense community and provides support for zealous and high quality legal representation by advocating for change, educating defenders, and collaborating with the community and justice system stakeholders to bring about just solutions.

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Case Study

The Problem

Washington Defender Association (WDA) engaged DaizyLogik to assist with efforts to update and automate their business processes while moving to Salesforce CRM. This effort was done in concert with WDA’s initiative to redesign their outdated website and ensured a much needed integration between the two systems. WDA is a membership organization whose clients include attorneys and their staffs, all of whom expect an easy-to-use interface, a high level of access, and an equally high level of privacy to protect sensitive data.

WDA’s outdated database in Access was isolated and cumbersome to maintain. The team wanted a more flexible cloud-based solution that would give them the opportunity to integrate with the new website and enable data to flow directly into their database.

The Solution

WDA contracted with DaizyLogik to help them migrate into Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and integrate this system with their new website.

WDA has a small staff, so it was important to increase automation around new member sign up, membership renewals, campaign management, membership emails, and internal processes wherever possible. The new system is intuitive, simple to use and allows the team to easily share financial data with their leadership, and easily and automatically tackle tasks that before were either impossible or time consuming.

Our team worked with WDA’s staff to set up a basic membership model by leveraging the Nonprofit Success Pack’s out-of-the box membership tracking capabilities.

Improved membership forms integrated on the new website easily collect membership information, and the data is automatically moved into Salesforce. Whereas the WDA team previously had to manually enter all information received via email, all new information now comes straight into Salesforce as a Lead. This process enables the team to manually review and approve every incoming membership request, and collect payments from approved applicants through an integrated payment system. From there, the team can easily convert Leads into new members, opening up access to the organization’s valuable resources.

True to the goal of simplicity and to minimize cost, DaizyLogik used many of Salesforce’s built-in campaign management capabilities, augmenting these where needed with free add-ons from the AppExchange. For example, we used the AAkonsult Campaign Status application to provide additional automation around campaign member statuses.

DaizyLogik provided coaching and assisted the WDA team to set up necessary reports, building the team’s internal capacity to continue to do its important work.


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