DaizyLogik Services

We have tailored a suite of Salesforce services designed to make it easy for you, our clients, to engage with us on the terms best suited to your needs. Whether you plan to do your own implementation but need some help getting started, you need someone available on an ad hoc basis to address emerging needs promptly, or you are ready to move forward with a large-scale implementation project, we have an offering that is efficient and cost-effective for you.

Salesforce Consulting

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Are you having trouble getting started? Know Salesforce can do more, but not sure what or how? Planning a big project and want to be sure you really get it right? DaizyLogik’s Salesforce Consulting services are here to help. Wherever you are in your Salesforce journey, DaizyLogik is committed to making sure you get the most out of it.

Custom Development

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At DaizyLogik we can assist you with a wide-range of custom options – from initial implementation and connecting to outside systems, to building a comprehensive Salesforce solution for your unique business processes.

DaizyLogik on Retainer

Icon: RetainerFinished with your DaizyLogik consulting or custom development project, but still coming up with new ideas? Doing your own administration, but occasionally get a little stuck? Not to worry, if you have DaizyLogik on Retainer, we have your back, when and how you need. Whether you know what you need and just don’t have time to make it happen, or you’ve got the basics done, but need a little help with more advanced configuration or customization, we are here to help.