DaizyLogik on Retainer

Icon: RetainerFinished with your DaizyLogik consulting or custom development project, but still coming up with new ideas? Doing your own administration, but occasionally get a little stuck? Not to worry, if you have DaizyLogik on Retainer, we have your back, when and how you need. Whether you know what you need and just don’t have time to make it happen, or you’ve got the basics done, but need a little help with more advanced configuration or customization, we are here to help.

Icon: What It IsWhat It Is

DaizyLogik on Retainer is an add-on service for our consulting and custom development clients to extend DaizyLogik services beyond the end of the original project.

Icon: How It WorksHow It Works

You pre-pay for however many hours you want (don’t worry, you can always add more if you run out) and have a year to use them. When something comes up that you need our help with, you just let us know. If it’s quick and easy, we’ll get it done ASAP. If it’s a little more complicated, we’ll let you know how much time it will take and when we can schedule it, then you let us know if you want to proceed.

Icon: PricingPricing

Pricing is based on the number of hours you commit to per year (the more hours the less you pay per hour). Contact us for details.