We design easy-to-use solutions which you and your team can use to make your Salesforce CRM even more powerful.  We invite you to learn more about the Salesforce solutions built by our DaizyLogik developers.

Foodbank Helper

Food banks now have a way to help them quickly collect and track client information in the field. No longer will client intake data collection require access to a desktop computer, or ask volunteers to click through multiple screens to enter data. With Foodbank Helper, your staff and volunteers can use a single easy-to-navigate form to enter information directly into your organization’s Salesforce.

Hosted Data Services



DaizyLogik data services are REST web services developed and hosted on Heroku that extract data from Salesforce CRM and expose it to the world in JSON format. They can be used to display Salesforce data on your website.

We find our data services to be particularly valuable to our clients for three main reasons:

  • These data services live outside of Salesforce and are not subject to governor limits imposed by the platform
  • There is no code needed inside SF to clutter the client’s instance
  • They are written once and reused by multiple clients via a subscription model