DaizyLogik data services are REST web services developed and hosted on Heroku that extract data from Salesforce CRM and expose it to the world in JSON format. They can be used to display Salesforce data on your website.

We find our data services to be particularly valuable to our clients for three main reasons:

  • These data services live outside of Salesforce and are not subject to governor limits imposed by the platform
  • There is no code needed inside SF to clutter the client’s instance
  • They are written once and reused by multiple clients via a subscription model

Previously such web services were written in each customer’s Salesforce instance, and required custom code be copied and maintained in each Salesforce instance. By developing and hosting these services in Heroku, DaizyLogik has streamlined not only the development process, but is ensuring that any changes or enhancements to the services will be generally available to all subscribers.

Reports Data Services

Organizations often have a need to publish their Salesforce reports data on their public website. Common solutions include:

  • Exporting a snapshot of the data from Salesforce, and hard-coding it in the website. This requires manual process and results in static website content.
  • Exposing Visualforce pages through sites requires custom Salesforce development which can be expensive and difficult for web developers to style in a public website.
  • Using Salesforce Communities which comes with a steep pricetag.

DaizyLogik’s Reports Data Service retrieves report data from Salesforce on demand and makes it publicly available in JSON format. This solution is highly scalable without having to write any code in Salesforce. The service can retrieve the data for any tabular report in Salesforce simply by passing the report Id to the web service.

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Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) Data services

Nonprofits using Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S) often find that the volunteer jobs calendar and jobs listing that come with the package pose some styling challenges that make it hard to display this information in a way that matches the organization’s website look and feel. In addition, there is a need to ensure these widgets are responsive and look good on mobile devices.

DaizyLogik has developed a suite of data services that retrieve data from and can post data to Volunteers for Salesforce to facilitate meeting these requirements. Organizations can work with their web developers to use these web services and populate the volunteer job calendar or list of volunteer jobs on their website and to build custom forms that allow volunteers to sign up for volunteer shifts.

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The DaizyLogik team developed our hosted web services to streamline the development process in order make it affordable for Salesforce clients to reliably display real-time Salesforce data to their constituents. However, we understand that some users may find that other alternatives better meet their needs. We present information about some of the available alternatives here.