Brett Powell, The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at Cornell University

DaizyLogik was more than accommodating as we developed our SF instance from scratch, including attending the initial planning meeting onsite. We are using the platform to follow all of our partner organizations. Listed in order of volume: Members, Data Providers, Supporting Partners, Donors and the Board of Directors. Data providers was the most complicated portion of the planning process. Because research partnerships exist and they come in many forms, custom Partnerships and Collections tabs were conceptualized and built. We are not utilizing the internal communications tools available, but have built it out in such a way that we can in time, if desired. We’re excited to bring this data into SF. Our membership list was imported and we’ll use a shorter list of Data Providers to train the staff with creating accounts. DaizyLogik is really a terrific outfit for projects our size. From strategic planning to answering post-implementation questions, they have been very responsive. The team is friendly and budget minded. I wish them further success. ~ Brett M. Powell, M.S. Associate Director